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"Each of us is pregnant with a better version of ourselves."
~ Marianne Williamson

Are You Pregnant With a Dream?
by, Tara Sage Steeves

*Included on Aspire Magazine's Top 10 Inspiring Books List!*

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Are You Pregnant With a Dream? and Linda Joy, publisher of
Aspire Magazine & A Juicy, Joyful Life! (Courtesy of Dreamvisions 7 Radio)

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Are You Pregnant with a Dream?

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Regardless of sex or age, we are all fertile dreamers.
Are You Pregnant With a Dream? is a whimsical, detailed guide
that offers numerous tools, breakthrough exercises, inspiration, and
personal narratives to support every phase of bringing dreams to life.

Tara is also a contributing author who shares her inspirational story
along with 40 other extraordinary women in the Amazon #1 Best-Seller:

A Juicy, Joyful Life
(Amazon #1 Hot New Release in the Self-Esteem Category)

A Juicy Joyful Life - Self Esteem Bestseller!

Excerpt from foreword by
Rev. Dr. Charlene M. Proctor:

"When I read the stories in this book,
I see women who have raised their consciousness. Their awareness of what is and their honesty with their struggles encourages us to re-examine our own human experiences. These women have experienced the full range of fear, and yet they rose above hate, insecurity, comparison, jealousy, anger, discontent, and pain. But rather than banish those emotions from their journeys, or worse, hang on to them as unwanted baggage, these women have given themselves permission to honor the gift each seemingly negative experience brings."

Discover why some women are able to live grounded in the now, cherish the small moments, and look back without regret.

How despite obstacles like anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse, or devastating loss, they are able to stand tall in their world and shed light on all those around them.

They are Juicy, Joyful lives - and now, for the first time, we share our inspirational, heartfelt stories with the collective intention to encourage ALL women to embrace the trust that "where you've been does not define where you will go. You can create a new personal story."

If you are looking to go beyond a passive reading experience and journey into the realms of self-discovery you will not be disappointed. Each of our story's is followed by a journaling prompt page featuring three Juicy Questions to help you draw the parallels between the lessons in the narrative and your own experience encouraging you to do the inner work so that you can start living your own Juicy, Joyful Life!

Watch for Tara's chapter entitled: "Juice Your Own Lemonade."

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Tara Sage Steeves, M.A.

Dream Acceleration™ Master Coach
& Founder of Create Your Life!

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