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Tara Sage Steeves, M.A.
Founder of Create Your Life!
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I'm often asked:
"What kind of dreams do you help people realize?"
Meet Laurie and be inspired by her beautiful dream realization story. (Oh, and get out the tissues!)

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Workshops And Events

Are you feeling stuck, uninspired, or in the midst of a big transition?
Are you carrying a dream in your heart that, while inspiring, feels totally out of reach?
Does that "well, maybe next year..." voice ring in your head, just like it did last year?
If you answered yes, not only are you not alone, but let me be the first to say...
CONGRATULATIONS! The path to your dreams is closer than you think.

Oh, I know that stuck place...
That's exactly where I was when I decided that something had to change.
As defeated as I felt at times, I knew that only I could take charge and turn my life around.
And, it is with sincere joy that I now share inspiration and a proven process to help you do just that.
Scroll down to learn more about how Create Your Life! can help you to create the life of your dreams.

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

Tara Sage Steeves, Founder & President

*Attention* All Driven Dreamers, "Closeted Creatives", &
Heart-Centered Leaders/Entrepreneurs:

Are you ready to stop living for later, and create momentum to REALLY accelerate the realization of your dreams?

If your answer is absolutely yes, than you're ready for...

The Dream-Acceleration™ Program!
(Enrolling Now! Join us from the comfort of your telephone!)
The Create Your Life! Dream-Acceleration™ Process:

Step 1: Define What You Want
Step 2: Focus Your (Precious) Dream Energy
Step 3: Meet Your Future You
Step 4: Take Initial Action (on your dream)
Step 5: S-t-r-e-t-c-h Beyond Your Fears
Step 6: Take Inspired Action (Quantum Leaping your dream)
Step 7: Prepare for the Birth of Your Dream
Step 8: Create Your Own Dream Team
Step 9: Celebrate What You've Created!

Learn more...

THE DREAM CIRCLE: An Powerful, Playful (in-person) Dream-Propelling Program

If you're not sure what you dream of...
The Dream Circle helps you identify it.

If you have some sense of what you want...
The Dream Circle helps you nurture it.

If you know what you want...
The Dream Circle helps you manifest it.

Read a letter from Dream Circle Graduate -->

Benefit from and contribute to one another's dreams and goals in this small group, in-person program that combines a proven process with a format that offers dedicated time, joyful guidance, gentle structure, accountability, creative inspiration, and customized support. Energy, diverse life experiences, insights and ideas come together to honor and accelerate the manifestation of individual dreams.

Accelerate the Manifestation of your Dreams!
* Allow ease and grace into your experience.
* Create momentum around your dreams.
* Discover resources that seemed out of reach.
* Allow limiting beliefs to fall away.
* Gain clarity around ideas and visions.
* Celebrate your creations!

Group membership includes access to an online forum as a way to stay connected between meetings.
Small groups ensure personal attention.


Contact Tara to learn more about becoming a Dream Circle Facilitator.

Contact Tara

"I encourage anyone who is struggling with the fear of finding your dream and
allowing yourself to live it, to participate in the Dream Circle." ~ Jessica Bird

"This program gives you the courage to recognize your dreams and act on them - despite any preconceived doubts, barriers, or fears! A must-do for anyone, at any age." ~ Jennifer Olson

"Tara, we are only in week 1 and the Dream Circle has already been a gift in so many ways!
I really feel that it is one of the best things I have done for myself. The space you have created
for me to dream has already changed not only my way of thinking, but those around me.
Thank you a million times for what you do. You are a gift to everyone."
~ Johanna C., Brown University

Check back regularly for new listings!

Dreaming Out Loud Workshop
with Tara Sage Steeves

Please check back for updates.

5:30-6:00 p.m. "Networking for Dreamers"
Come meet other dreamers!

6:00-8:00 p.m. The Workshop

This playful, powerful 2-hour workshop is for those who are either unsure of their dreams, ready to dream bigger, or feel intimidated by the process of bringing dreams to life!

You will:
  • Create a list of what you truly desire.
  • Be inspired to dream big and take the next steps to give birth to your dreams.
  • Learn how to best access the joy and ease of manifestation.
  • Gain resources and an understanding of the power in sharing and declaring your dreams.
  • Identify specific steps that comfortably stretch your limits and inspire action.
  • Connect with the excitement and passion of your dreams and the dreams of others.

The Dream BIG Retreat Weekend

Read letters from retreat participants -->

Download: Guidebook for Hosting
Contact Tara to bring this extraordinary program to you!

The Dream Party®!

Celebrate the Possibilities for Your Life!

Learn more about The Dream Party®

"The ultimate Law of Attraction event!"
~ Linda Joy, Publisher, Aspire Magazine



I'm happy to have this opportunity to share my experience of the Dream Circle. :)

First off, I should say that this time last year I was in a job that no longer thrilled me, was taking days/nights/ weekends away from my family (and 4 year old daughter), and was not giving me any real sense of satisfaction. I just knew there was something more for me out there....

I had signed up to receive Tara Sage Steeves' (creator of the Dream Circle) monthly life coaching newsletter and was always aware that she offered these Dream Circles. The timing never worked out, and frankly, I don't think I was ready. Well, last November, I finally was. I signed up for the Jan. 2009 session.

I walked in that first night with an inkling of what I wanted to do, but without the confidence in my dream, or myself to make it happen. What I got that first night was overwhelming affirmation that what I wanted to do was needed in the world, and that I was in the perfect position to offer it.

So after that, each week, we worked on our "dreams", did some great "discovery" exercises and formed a close bond with each other. By the end of 5 weeks we had all traveled quite far into our "dream lives". Along with that came the knowledge that everyone has a dream- and I started to ask people in my personal life what those dreams were. This inspired some really wonderful, connected moments with people I had not interacted with on that level before.

For me, the Dream Circle changed the way I view the world, and my talents and abilities. I will say that you get what you put into it- and if it is approached with an open mind and the desire to create with others and yourself then it is a very rewarding experience and well worth the investment.

I left my uninspiring job in August to spend more time with my daughter (one of my dreams)- and the two days a week she is in PreK, I work on my other dream, Familytopia.

I am happier than I have ever been - and I owe it all to my Dream Circle experience. Whew! As you can tell I am very passionate about the experience. ;)
Happy Dreaming!

Johanna Corcoran

I am writing to tell you that I had an ah-ha moment in your workshop on Sunday.

I do many things to earn a living, and I discovered that the thing I love the most, I do the least! I couldn't believe it. There it was, clear as day.

It was a delight to meet you, and in no time, clear up my own view of my dream.

Janine Sullivan


Thank you so much Tara for creating such an inspiring Dream BIG retreat at my home in Maine. I have done a lot of transformational work over the years, but I have never done it with a group of my friends, or in my home (or anyone's home for that matter). I have always paid my fee, showed up at the hotel or training site and did my work with a group of strangers.

But this weekend...was just magical and abundant. Besides the amazing work that you guided us through for ourselves, it enriched and deepened all of the friendships for everyone at the retreat.

Take your work on the road....the world is ready for you.

As I get closer to meeting my loving, wiser, older woman, it is always a delight when someone younger than me can be my teacher. You are wise beyond your years and I am proud to have been your student.

With great respect for your gifts,

Michelle Surdoval

Dear Tara,

Your inspiration has been invaluable to me - if I sent you an email every time your voice of wisdom popped into my head, I'd flood your inbox.

New dreams are coming to me all the time - ideas I never imagined. You unlocked a door that will remain forever open. I am facing life with new passion, imagination, courage and self-respect. Thanks to you.

Claire Winston-Wade
Portland, ME

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